Anonymous asked: You cute but your music is trash, lyrical your fire, but editing wise you gotta step your game up.

Give my editor sometime he jus started

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Bless me wit booty pics
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Anonymous asked: No not the Feds I'm a fan... I was looking at one of your post & you said you found yourself after doing drugs something like that. I'm trying to find myself

Acid can open your eyes

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Anonymous asked: what drugs do you do

Feds need to get off tumblr

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Anonymous asked: Wen ya balls gonna drop boi. You sound weak.

then y yo hoe want me

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Anonymous asked: Please let me kiss your glorious face and then rub my pussy on ya side burns

lol u crazy

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Anonymous asked: Yes fuck anime!!!

Bitch u belong on Facebook

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Anonymous asked: Why your tumblr so fucking lame bruh. It's childish.

Are u sayin anime is childish get the fuck ion

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